• Κατασκευαστής:OEM
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: ESMANIA26313
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  • 471.20€

A beautiful machine for beautifully brewed coffee. Easy to use, simply add the desired amount of water and coffee, press the ”Wilfa“ button, and wait. Within five minutes one to ten cups of coffee will have dripped into the included carafe below the dripper. Adds a touch of style to any domestic kitchen 

Product features:
• Brand: Wilfa
• Range: Svart
• Approx brew time: 5 minutes at capacity
• Brewer material: Die-cast aluminium
• Water tank material: plastic
• Carafe material: heatproof glass 
• Size: 1-10 cups
• Capacity: 1.25L
• Lined to: 0.25 to 1.15L in 0.25L increments (recommended coffee weight shown with each increment)
• Smart feature: flow control wheel
• Smart feature: overflow drain on filter holder
• Smart feature: lime build up indicator
• Smart feature: pump for quick distribution of heated water to the coffee
• Smart feature: Auto-off (1 hr)
• Coffee-water ratio: 61-65g coffee per litre of water
• Includes 1 x brewer
• Includes 1 x detachable water tank
• Includes 1 x double walled filter basket
• Includes 1 x carafe
• NKI certified


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