A portable brewer for either hot or cold coffee. Simply add hot or cold water with preferred amount of ground coffee and leave for desired infusion time. Attach to chosen cup or tumbler (not included) and press once to begin the extraction process. Airlock seal allows compressed unit to be easily transported, or keeps cold water inside for on the go infusion. Perfect for anyone looking for delicious hot or cold brew coffee in a portable, easy to use format

General features
• Brand: Caffiano
• Size: 20
• Materials: BPA free
• Colour: red
• Hot brew time: 1-3 minutes depending on personal preference
• Cold brew time: 4-6 hours depending on personal preference
• Weight: 240g
• Approx. dimensions: H: 108 x Dia.: 108mm
• Eco-friendly: no electricity or disposable filters required
• Also available: black

Airlock seal features
• Material: polypropylene
• Function: seals bellows chamber for portability

Micro-filter features
• Casing material: polypropylene
• Filter material: stainless steel
• Filter lifespan: permanent
• Filter design: etching processed fine holes

Pulling plate features
• Material: polypropylene
• Function: secures Kompact to tumbler or cup when pressing

Bellows chamber features
• Material: silicone
• Water capacity: 220ml
• Ground beans capacity: 30g
• Function: infusing ground beans and water
• Function: compressing for extraction or portability
• Smart feature: design enables maximum transmission of power while pressing with minimal force
• Safety warning: do not seal the airlock after adding hot water, the Bellows chamber may expand, disconnecting the press guide during extraction

Press guide features
• Housing material: polypropylene
• Guide material: Acrylic
• Function: Supporting the bellow chamber during extraction

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